Paver Driveway

Paver Driveway

This customer called us asking if we paved driveways. Originally, he was looking to have his asphalt driveway repaved but after speaking with us about the benefits of installing concrete pavers for vehicular applications, he decided that pavers were the best option.

We designed the driveway which included the front entry area which we tied into the driveway. This created a flow that was seamless. To break up the paver field, we designed and installed a raised stone planter for annual plantings. The edges of the driveway were defined by a matching curbing which we tapered to ground level at the ends.

The old split rail fencing that was exisitng was replaced. Since there was a large tree that was removed in the front yard, we designed and installed a landscape bed to create a smooth sense of flow to the front yard.

There was a drainage issue that was of concern to the homeowner near the house. We were able to customize a drainage system for his particular need along the house and pipe the water out to daylight. The drain was concealed with decorative river gravel which added to the beauty of the front landscape and pavers.