Water Features - Ponds - Waterfalls

Water features are becoming increasingly popular in today's landscaping environment. Elegant Estates designs, installs, maintains and consults on many different types of water features throughout Ithaca, Cortland, Lansing NY and surrounding areas. We specialize in customizable systems that include koi ponds, bubbling boulders, fountains, pondless waterfalls, rain gardens and more. You can count on Elegant Estates to provide you with the water feature everyone dreams of having in their back yard!

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Water Features Add Tranquility to Any Landscape

The sound of water in the landscape is unparalleled. Elegant Estates can design in 3D and install custom koi ponds which are low maintenance. By establishing a natural balanced ecosystem containing fish, plant life and bacteria, ponds require little attention. When designed and installed properly, ponds add a tremendous amount of value to your landscape.

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Pondless Waterfalls

Pondless waterfalls are a safe alternative for parents with young children. These falls provide the aesthetics and sound of a beautiful natural waterfall without the need for a pond. Elegant Estates designs and installs custom pondless waterfalls that can nestle into any landscape without the need for a large slope. Packages are sized with length and elevation drop in mind. No more need for concern about having a big enough pump! With many types and styles of natural stones and gravel to choose from, the design possibilities seem endless. Call today to book your free design consultation!

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Bubbling Boulders

Bubbling boulders and other water fountains are an inexpensive way to introduce water into the landscape. A simple, yet well designed bubbling boulder will add a conversation piece for any of your guests. Elegant Estates can design and install these water features into any landscape in almost any location. The wonder and mystery behind the recirculating water makes most ask "How does this work?". You can be guaranteed that a recirculating water fountain or bubbling boulder will catch visitors attention. Call today for a free quotation!

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Water Feature Maintenance

Whether Elegant Estates installs your pond or not, full service programs are offered to maintain your existing koi pond or to bring it back into balance. We perform tests such as pH, nitrate and ammonia levels as well as inspect the physical balance of your pond. Maintaining a balance in plant and animal life is critical to a successful, low maintenance pond. We also offer consultation services for the installation and/or maintenance of your pond if you choose to do it yourself. Let us show you the "easy way" to koi pond enjoyment!


Please Contact Us to get started creating a unique and creative water feature for your home or business, or stop in if you have any questions we can answer for you! Our facility is easily accessible from Ithaca, Lansing, Cortland and surrounding areas. View map and get driving directions.