Turfgrass Services - Mowing and More

Elegant Estates offers a variety of lawn programs to meet your budget. Lawns play an important role in residential landscaping which is why we strive to provide our customers with a strong and healthy turf, which in turn, encourages self sustainability with minimal yearly maintenance expense. Elegant Estates provides 100% of your lawn installation and maintenance needs including dethatching, aeration, edging, weed control, mowing and overseeding. We're sp[ecialists at knowing what works for lawns with the unique weather and moisture conditions found throughout Ithaca, Cortland, Lansing and surrounding areas. Please contact us today to schedule your free lawn care assessment.

lawn mowing Ithaca Lansing Cortland  NY

Lawn Mowing

Elegant Estates lawn crews pay special attention to detail when cutting your lawn. Trimming is done carefully as to not damage property such as trees, flowers and other structures. We are sensitive to the amount of grass blades being cut, so crews adjust mowing deck levels as required for your particular lawn height. Our crews take the time to make sure that your lines are cut straight so your lawn looks great from week to week. They also note the condition of your lawn weekly so that we can contact you regarding any special services that your lawn may require.

specialized lawn care

Specialized Lawn Care Services

Elegant Estates provides specialized lawn services such as dethatching, overseeding, rolling, grading, edging, and deep fracture aeration. We use our state of the art equipment to ensure that you receive the very best results from these services. Our lawn care specialists can assess your lawn and suggest special services to enhance the beauty and health of your turf.

seasonal leaf clean up

Seasonal Cleanup

Elegant Estates has an arsenal of equipment that will provide a thorough cleanup of any twig and leaf debris every spring and/or fall as desired. Our equipment provides great efficiency for our crews and therefore greater savings for our customers. Contact us today to get a free cleanup quote for your lawn and landscape.

lawn fertilization and weed control

Weed and Feed Programs

Elegant Estates is licensed by the NYS DEC to apply herbicides and pesticides on residential and commercial properties. Our professionals will visit your property when requested to conduct a lawn care assessment. We can customize a synthetic or organic program to fit your lawn care needs. Our programs can include fertilizations, pre-emergent weed control, post emergent weed control, or fungicide and insecticide applications. Learn more about our lawn care programs.


Please Contact Us to arrange any of our turfgrass services for your lawn, or stop in if you have any questions! Our facility is easily accessible from Ithaca, Lansing, Cortland and surrounding areas. View map and get driving directions.