Tree Injections

tree injections

Mature trees play an important role in the value of landscaping installations throughout Ithaca, Cortland, Lansing NY and surrounding areas. These mature trees can be very vulnerable to attack by many pests such as the emergence of the Emerald Ash Borer. Elegant Estates implements a safe and effective means for injecting your trees and providing protection from these threats. Our method uses high pressure jets to inject a precise amount of fertilizer, fungicide or insecticide directly into the tree.

We employ applicators with licensing through the NYS DEC and years of experience using chemicals. Our applicators hold professional certification with years of experience. You can be assured that with our technicians and cutting edge injection equipment, your treatment will be successful. Below is a list of benefits of using our system.

  1. Cost effective – Our treatments are one of the lowest costs per diameter
  2. Safe – No use of hanging capsules that could be tampered with by children
  3. Sealed injection sites – No open wounds left to allow insect penetration
  4. Aesthetics – Small injection sites virtually eliminate evidence of an injection
  5. Longevity – Some of our treatments provide up to 18 months of control!

Contact Us at any time to discuss our tree injection process, our pricing and how to get started. You may also or stop in our facility if you have any questions about how our our giving some attention to your trees can be beneficial. Our facility is easily accessible from Ithaca, Lansing, Cortland and surrounding areas. View map and get driving directions.