Lawn Care Programs

lawn care programs for Ithaca, Lansing, Cortland NY and surrounding areas

Elegant Estates has been one of the premier full service lawn and landscape companies in the Ithaca. Lansing and Cortland areas for over thirteen years. We are equipped with everything required to produce a beautiful lawn and garden. Our goal is to provide a healthy lawn. The healthier your lawn is, the less maintenance is required. Our lawn care specialists are well versed in the specific needs of each individual lawn that is assessed. We offer a variety of services that when integrated properly, can promote vigorous and healthy growth.

Many customers enjoy having all of these services provided by one landscaper. No more need for using three or four different companies for your lawn care needs! Elegant Estates can schedule a free consultation appointment to visit and assess your yard. We listen to what our customers want, determine if such services are actually needed, then implement a lawn care strategy that best fits their budget.

Lawn Care Programs Can Include Any of the Following Services:

  1. Lawn Mowing – Our technicians take great care in what they do and strive to produce results that they can be proud of. Trimming is done as to not harm vulnerable plantings or scalp lawn areas. Blowing of all walkways, patios and driveways as needed is a complimentary service provided to all of our lawn mowing customers.
  2. Vaccine Service – We provide vaccing services to anyone interested to eliminate excessive thatch and clipping buildup as well as leaf and debris vaccing in the fall. Debris is removed from site if requested, or is shredded and left on site for composting.
  3. Synthetic Weed and Feed Applications – We provide granular weed and feed applications as deemed necessary and our lawn programs are completely customizeable.
  4. Organic Weed and Feed Programs – We have provided an organic option as an alternative for synthetic weed and feed.
  5. Insecticide Applications – We can provide a variety of different insect control applications from flea and tick to grub control.
  6. Core Aeration – This reduces compaction of soil surface by removing plugs of soil from the top three inches of turf.
  7. Deep Fracture Aeration – This compaction reduction method is preferred by most over core aeration by elimination unsightly plugs of soil on the lawn surface and also alleviating compaction to a deeper level by fracturing the subsurface soils.
  8. Dethatching – Our dethatching equipment can dethatch and collect the thatch in one pass. This is much more cost effective than other service providers who require a two step approach of dethatching then collecting.
  9. Broadcast Over-Seeding – We can broadcast over-seed any size yard as needed.
  10. Slit-Seeding – This service provides great results by cutting a slit in the yard surface at a selected depth and dropping the seed into the slit. This gives better contact with the soil surface and helps to break through any thatch layer that may be present.
  11. Granular Weed Control – We offer single or multi-step granular weed control applications.
  12. Liquid Weed Control – Liquid weed control gives us the ability to service the entire lawn or to simply spot treat the problem areas. This is a great option for the budget conscious consumer.
  13. Irrigation – We can install new or maintain existing irrigation systems. Part of a great turf program is to verify that all areas of the yard are not getting over or under watered.
  14. Yard Leaf and Debris Cleanup – We offer spring and fall leaf cleanup. Cleanups are property specific, so we can customize a cleanup to any degree.

Let Us Create Your Custom Lawn Care Program Today!

Each lawn is different and we're experts on creating customized, effective and affordable plans that will keep your turfgrass healthy and your lawn looking great all year long. Just Contact Us and we'll arrange a FREE no-hassle lawn assessment, and recommend a program for your specific needs.