Front and Back Walkway and Patio

Front and back walkway and patio

This project was for an existing maintenance customer. During a free lawn and landscape assessment that we offer, we noticed that the front walkway and back patio, which were made from railroad timbers and pattern flagstone, we heaving and creating a liability. We discussed the options of replacing the flagstone with a interlocking concrete pavement system that is designed to flex during the winter. The homeowner agreed that pavers were the best option and we proceeded to draw up a design. When the design was agreed upon, the homeowner visited our office stone displays to choose the right paver and color for their front and back yard projects.

The front walkway was demolished and new pavers were laid. The concrete stoop that was by the front door was overlaid with segmental block and paver. A Cambridge Ledgestone IV paver was installed from the driveway to the front stoop. Since we knew ahead of time that we would be sealing the project with a Wet Look Sealer from Techniseal, we selected a color that would compliment the stone veneer in the front entryway.

The existing flagstone back patio was demolished and replaced with a Cambridge Ledgstone IV paver from the new back sliding door to the deck steps. This allowed foot traffic to and from the patio with ease from multiple areas of the house. Since the area was densely shaded, a color was chosen from our office displays which brightened up the entire area.

Once the pavers were installed, deer resistant foundation plantings were installed and mulched. An area was left in the bed by the back patio for annual plantings by the homeowner.