Deer Fencing

Deer Control Fencing

It is not unusual to encounter deer throughout Ithaca, Cortland, Lansing NY and surrounding areas. Deer are generally peaceful neighbors, but they can be attracted gardens to forage for food and can also eat the leaves, stems, and buds of our landscaping plants. However, deer are easily controlled through a variety of non-harmful means if they become a problem.

Elegant Estates offers a wide array of deer control products. From scent repellents and plant sprays to physical deer and pest control, we can customize a pest prevention plan for your particular needs. We have discovered that the best form of prevention is physical means. We offer a deer fence system that is affordable, effective and aesthetically pleasing.

Are you interested in deer fencing or one of our other deer control products? Please Contact Us and we'll be glad to let you know which solution will be best for your specific conditions, pricing or any other info you may need to keep your property deer free.